We are pleased to announce that Tony Horton Kitchen will make its debut in
100 select 7-Eleven stores in the Los Angeles area.

Fresh salads, sandwiches, wraps and a variety of cold-pressed juices will be
available for everyone on-the-go who wants healthy food, conveniently!

 It’s All About the Food. 

Whether you eat to live or live to eat, the chefs at Tony Horton Kitchen know exactly what you need. Delicious, nutritious meals that satisfy your taste buds and your hunger.

Our secret is twofold. First, we use only the freshest ingredients. Everything that goes into our meals is fresh, tasty and nutrient-rich.  Whenever possible, we use local, in-season produce. We never freeze ingredients, we never use preservatives, and we keep added oils to a minimum. Refined sugar? No way! And secondly…

 We keep it simple. 

Because our produce is fresh and organic, it’s bursting with flavor. We don’t need to hide the taste with a bunch of salty, spicy, oily sauces. In fact, we want the flavors of real food to come through. Take a look at our ingredients and you’ll recognize every single one. If you’d like to add a little extra spice, be our guest, but we encourage you to take a couple bites first and see what fruits and veggies were really meant to taste like.

With the exception of our pasta, which comes from gluten-free rice and quinoa, we make each and every meal from scratch. Think of it as home cooking, albeit on a slightly larger scale.

 A bad stuff-free zone. 

To further assure you’re fueling your body with only the healthiest fare, our meals are gluten and dairy-free (we make our “cheese” from nutritional yeast). The basic menu is vegetarian, but for flexitarians, we also offer a mostly veggie-based menu  with one daily serving of meat. Wild caught fish like salmon and mahi mahi. Organic, free-range chicken. Organic, grass-fed buffalo. If you’re eating protein that came from Tony Horton Kitchen, you can bet it’s top notch.

Every week, our chefs build a menu out of what farmers have to offer come market day. Some meals are tried-and-true classics. Others are fun, international explorations. Here’s just a sample of what might show up at your door on any given week.

 What’s on the menu? 



**Lunch and dinner meals can be paired with meat, including - but not limited to - wild-caught fish, organic, free-range chicken, or organic, grass-fed buffalo.


A perfectly healthy, perfectly yummy solution. 

Maybe you’re looking to lose weight, fuel performance, and improve your health. Or maybe you just want three delicious square meals a day without the hassle of cooking. Either way, we have the answer. Click here to learn how to turn Tony Horton Kitchen into your kitchen.